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About me


My name is Inkeri Siltala and I live with my cats in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland.

About myself: I was born in Jämsänkoski in 1981. Jämsänkoski is a small town in Central Finland. Me and my family lived in a big house called Ilveslinna (meaning 'lynx castle') owned by a local paper mill. Although I now live in Helsinki, I wanted to breed cats under the name of my childhood home - so I selected FIN*Ilveslinnan for my breeding name.

Ilveslinna in Jämsänkoski, Finland. Photo by Heikki Siltala.

Traditional Finnish lake scene during the nightless night. Photo by Inkeri Siltala.

I began to study pharmacognosy in the University of Helsinki in 2000 and completed my studies in 2005. I have also studied some maths and biology.

When I was a child, I saw a picture of a turkish van in a book. I got interested of this very beautiful breed. First time I saw a real turkish van was in 1993. It was the same day when I got my first cat, Miisu, which is not a turkish van but a really beautiful house cat. I remember I knew that some day I would definitely have my own turkish van.

Young Mikke on a garden table. Photo by Heikki Siltala.
Mikke yawns. Photo by H. Siltala.

My first van Mikke (FIN*Ipekkedinin Birinci Bebek) came to me in 2004, and Mikke's daughter Mimosa (FIN*Cesmes Adile Aysun) in 2005. They are both real personalities and have stolen my heart. I got my breeding name registered in FIFe on 14th November 2006. The first litter was born in January 2008.

My cats are living with me as loved family members. They live indoors but in the summertime thet can enjoy fresh air on a harness and leash. I don't sell kittens in homes where they will be let free to roam outdoors or kept in a cage.

I hope you enjoy your visit at my website!

P.S. My brother Heikki Siltala has a gallery of thousands of cat show photos. Really worth to look at!